Sunday, 5 February 2012

My First Polymer Clay Doll (Part II)

Daily Report: 05-02-2012

Creative Journal:
I wandered over to Mama and Papa's house in the snow. We chattered merrily and drank frothy coffee. It was so lovely to see them. I love my Mama and Papa! As I was leaving, Mama gave me some cords to use in my doll-making. Aha, clever Mama! When I came to wondering what to use for my little doll's hair,  I remembered the cords. Tease out the threads and they make the perfect luscious locks. (For this doll I am only allowing myself to use materials that I already have at home so there was no purchasing specialised doll parts for me.) Luckily I had some rocailles that made the perfect eyes. After much glooping of glue and a touch of acrylic paint, my sweet little doll has hair and a face!

I am so pleased with how her face has come together. She is kind and cute. YAY!

Here's a secret snap I took of her when she was trying on outfits in the dressmaker's shop:

Creativity clock: 3h30[e]

*Spookypie Style*
Carpet: snow
Shoes: black wellingtons with while polka dots
Tights: black fishnets of course!
Skirt: velvet and lace

Other news:
The puppet peeped out of my bat-case and watched me.
I didn't shut the lid . . .
Nor did I let him out . . .

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