Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Miss Delilah Bones

Today I finished the second of my Lolita Poppets dolls. I wAnT hEr OuTfIt!! If only it was as quick, easy and cheap to make a dress the same in my size!   

Meet *Miss Delilah Bones* who lives on a pirate ship and is the daughter of Captain Bones:

Here she is gazing out to sea:

I am very pleased with how she has turned out as she is only the second doll that I have made from polymer clay. I am getting a little better at designing and sewing clothes on such a tiny scale. I still need to practise a lot with the glue gun because, at the moment, I am getting glue eVeRyWhErE! I am pleased to report that the technique of using baby wipes on my hands  before handling the clay was largely successful in keeping the clay free from dust and fluff. My doll joints work well (read about their development here and their design here) and in terms of movement this doll is a big step forward from my first doll Chloë. With the next doll I am going to work hard to improve my sculpting skills. I will try to model more dainty hands and feet and put more detail in the face. I am also going to attempt to give the next doll joints at the elbows and knees. Ooooh, I am looking forward to making her already!
In a happy coincidence I have found that my Lolita Poppets are roughly the right height to live in a dolls' house in 1/12 scale. Perhaps Fluffball and I will make our dolls' house for the Lolita Poppets! *Hooray!*

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Self Portrait

I took these photos of myself yesterday. I am wearing the new glow-in-the-dark bone hairclips that I had just finished making and my lovely Hell Bunny Alice in Wonderland style lolita dress. I spent a very long time today organising photos and yes indeedy, I even did back-up! Fluffball says that I am computer obsessed but it is just that I love what I can do with the computer!

Other news:
I met Monsieur Antonio Deelight for an afternoon stroll. We walked by the canal as the sun lay low in the sky. We played on the swings together and talked and kissed. Afterwards he took me to an Inn and we sat by the fireplace and drank Mocha topped with cream. I am a lucky girl to have Monsieur Deelight in my life. ♥

Friday, 17 February 2012

Doll Joints

In the morning I found myself trapped in the doldrums, a silly place to visit when you are so lucky and fortunate as me. I was so annoyed with myself for drifting there. Happily I managed to steer myself out of that dreary place, where it always rains, and work on my next Lolita Poppets doll. Here are the baked Fimo doll pieces ready to assemble. As planned I made a torso with two horizontal bores and one vertical bore. The head has a central vertical bore. Each limb has a bore hole through the top of it.

The next step was to assemble the doll. As it was my first attempt at a jointed doll I was making it up as I went along. I devised a system using spandex elastic, thin wire and, one of my favourite materials in the world: buttons! After some fiddling I had doll joints that were pulled tight enough by the elastic and strengthened by the wire but still moveable. YAY!

This view shows the button holder at the top of the doll's head. When I was sculpting the doll head I made a small dip so that the button does not make too much of a bump on the top of the doll's head. The button holder will be completely covered with the doll's hair:

This photo shows the button holder at the base of the doll which joins the head to the body. The button joints look a bit obvious now but they will all be covered by clothing. :)

Next it was time to bring the doll to life. You can see the completed doll here.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I spent the morning battling with the Sickening Sprawl. After a sustained offensive I managed to slice its mighty tendrils and force it to retreat to the corners where the spiders hide. At noon it was time for my family to arrive. I love my family very much but I am not a fan of entertaining - it always makes me a little nervous - however the luncheon turned out rather well and everyone seemed happy so I was able to relax and enjoy the most amazing chocolate cake that Fluffball had made for the occasion. Fluffball is the best!
Once everyone was sated it was time for a long game of Cluedo which was most splendid. Lucille was especially happy because she was the first to unmask the murderer and solve the crime.
All in all it was a lovely day spent with Mama, Papa, Lucille & co and, of course, Fluffball. ♥

In the evening Fluffball went to visit friends and I curled up on the sofa to watch  'Malice@Doll' directed by Keitaro Motonaga. This tale of dolls and machines, and their interactions and transformations in a post-human world, is a beautiful and thought provoking anime. The visual element of this film is stunning - it is very strange and surreal. The film explores a dialogue between the beautiful and the grotesque, contrasting the wonder of love and connection, with the horror of loss and destruction. The film has a sexual undercurrent with elements of fetish and bdsm hence the certification of the film as an 18. 'Malice@Doll' is a visual feast for the imagination which I would most definitely recommend.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Spookypie Custom Doll Orders

Hooray! It is half-term and Fluffball is at home with me :) I spent the morning working hard on my NEW CUSTOM DOLL ORDERS PAGE whilst Fluffball played at being Sleeping Beauty ;) I have tried to come up with a page and order form that is easy to use and understand. Let us hope that I can make enough shells this month to keep Doctor Ambiguit Deleter at bay!
It wasn't easy finding the photos that I wanted but I wasn't giving up! I battled through the Sickening Sprawl to find them. It was most encouraging to look at all of the Spookypie Dolls that I have made over the years. I can't quite believe that I started making them in 2006! I will be sharing the story of my Spookypie Dolls from the very beginning with a journal entry about each doll. The dolls are begging me to start on it today - and I would have to say that some of them are trying to jump the queue and get their photo in now - but I told them firmly that they must wait their turn.

Now how did that happen?!?

Creativity clock: 7h
Custom Dolls page 6h
Journal 1h

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Window Shopping

Oh she is sooooo cute! And I want one!!!

This doll is designed by the super talented Queenie of Pocket Full of Posiez
Aaaaargh - I must make some shells so that I can buy myself one before they are all gone!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Fabric choices

I spent the day working at Madame Katerina's Habadashery & Fabric Emporium, which will please Dr Ambiguit Deleter greatly, as I earnt some shells. During the day I was visited by my puppet clients. Their visit certainly helped the day to pass more quickly, and talking to them about the puppets and their characters re-enthused me about the project. Here is the fabric that they chose:

I will need to start working my magic on it very soon in order to make their puppets come to life.

And here is the fabric and lace that I chose for my new doll project the *Lolita Poppets* :

More about that tomorrow . . .

Creativity clock: 1h

Other news:
I had a lovely phone conversation with Mama in the evening. I love my Mama. :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hidden Treasure *3*

Today I was sent by Dr Ambiguit Deleter to visit the phlebotomist for a series of tests - I think that he sent me in order to monitor my volatility levels. Meh!
When I arrived I discovered that the humans in the greetings area were being replaced by a machine which was silently assimilating their jobs as they worked. All this was happening under their very noses and they were assisting it in this task! Sadly they were too stupid to notice. I even pointed out to one of them that the machine would render her useless and unnecessary but she just looked at me blankly - perhaps her brain had already been eliminated.
The nurse called me "angel" which pleased me greatly.
On my way home I saw the swing, I swung on the swing, I thought of the beautiful times in the garden when I used to swing on the swing, I missed Fluffball, I felt guilty that I was not at my desk working, I got off the swing. La, la, la!
I spent the rest of the day working hard on my journal to make sure it was all up to date just in case Dr Ambiguit Deleter decides to pay me a surprise visit.

Today's skirmish with the Sickening Sprawl yielded up this little gem:

I made this lolita cuff for myself during winter 2011 using materials that I came upon whilst working in Madame Katerina's Habadashery & Fabric Emporium. At the time I bought enough ribbons and embellishments to make a whole set of matching accessories. I think that I will work on them again very soon as they match my new outfits perfectly. A portable project which I will finish, Dr. Deleter, oh yes I will!

Creativity clock: 9h
Journal content 9h

Other news:
In the evening Monsieur Antonoi Deelight provided a sumptous feast for Fluffball and I. A pasta first course, of course, was followed by a yummy Key Lime Pie. Over dinner our conversation roved to the subject of the ducks that we had seen walking around on the frozen canal.

*Ducks can walk on water*
*Jesus walked on water*
*Jesus, was a duck!*

Thank goodness that that little mystery has been cleared up! ;)

*Happy times in the Memory Box*
After the feast Fluffball and I walked home in the moonlight through the falling snowflakes. The new-fallen snow was so pretty - sparkling like diamonds, and our footsteps made the most delightful little smunch-crunch noise in the still night air.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hidden Treasure *2*

I have been soooo busy finishing all of the journal pages I had dreamt up, that it feels like blogging has taken over my creative life. Brevity may have to be my new strategy!
As I was battling today with the Sickening Sprawl I came across an unfinished project, which is now unfinished no more:

When did I start this tote bag?
I am not entirely sure - the little that I can decipher from notes hidden in the Sickening Sprawl indicate that is was March 2011. It languished incomplete for almost a year but, Dr. Deleter, I finished it ToDaY!

It has a happy side for when I am feeling chirpy and chipper and a grumpy side for when life sucks! It took AgEs to sew on all of those letters so I don't think that it is something that I will be mass-producing. It is just for me!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My First Polymer Clay Doll (Part III)

Daily Report: 07-02-2012

Creative Journal:
After a day spent at Madame Katerina's I was glad to escape the bOrEdOm of her domain. As I was a little crumpled I decided to re-set myself by listening to the wise words of Doctor Phillipe Japiniero whilst dozing. When I awoke I pretended that it was a new day. I dressed for success and finished my little doll while Monsieur Antonio Deelight and Fluffball went on a Mission to Mars:

There were challenges of making clothes for someone so very small - I will have to get even better at concealing seams for sure! Overall I am very pleased with how she has turned out. As she is the very first I shall call her Chloë ;) She has made herself a little home in Perfumed Secrets, near the top of the bookshelf, right in front of the Anne Rice. I am so looking forward to making the next doll and seeing where my new art doll journey will take me.

Creativity Clock: 3h[e]

Other news:
I still can't wake Cherry Scream - she is still breathing but so deep in slumber. I told her the news that the bassist had quit the band. She grimaced in her sleep, then turned her face away and slept on.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hidden Treasure *1*

Daily Report: 06-02-2012

I awoke to find that the Sickening Sprawl had spread overnight - or at least while I had been distracted by far more pleasant things during the weekend. Ugh, it had it's tendrils absolutely everywhere - there was no chance of clocking up hours of free-flowing creativity because I had a battle on my hands. There was barely a second to lose, although I did pause for a marmalade interlude. Just to complicate matters it was clear to me that Madame Adminia also needed urgent attention as there had been a small avalanche on the Paper Mountain.

After my sustained battling with the Sickening Sprawl this is what it yielded forth:

I can't tell you when I made it, because I no longer know, it was probably between spring 2009 and winter 2011. I used boiling hot water to soften a food colouring bottle and then squished it up. I painted on the detail using nail varnish, tipp-ex and other such substances. This bottle was intended for a hairclip - it actually still functions as a bottle so, of course, I filled it with a potion. However it doesn't function so well as a hairclip because it turned out to be too deep and too heavy. It makes a great ornament though. 
Will I make more that are more effectively squished? Perhaps.
Will I drink the contents? Maybe . . . and maybe not!

Creativity Clock: 1h 20
Journal Content 1h
Puppet Project 20m

The peach fleece arrived, I arranged a meeting with the clients and now the puppet project waits upon their choice.

Cinderella Scores:
Bubble Room
Perfumed Secrets *3*
Loquacious Lounge *3*
Entrancio *4*
Kitchenette *3*
Ballgown Fashionista *0*
Other News:
Cherry Scream is in a deep slumber and I can't wake her up.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My First Polymer Clay Doll (Part II)

Daily Report: 05-02-2012

Creative Journal:
I wandered over to Mama and Papa's house in the snow. We chattered merrily and drank frothy coffee. It was so lovely to see them. I love my Mama and Papa! As I was leaving, Mama gave me some cords to use in my doll-making. Aha, clever Mama! When I came to wondering what to use for my little doll's hair,  I remembered the cords. Tease out the threads and they make the perfect luscious locks. (For this doll I am only allowing myself to use materials that I already have at home so there was no purchasing specialised doll parts for me.) Luckily I had some rocailles that made the perfect eyes. After much glooping of glue and a touch of acrylic paint, my sweet little doll has hair and a face!

I am so pleased with how her face has come together. She is kind and cute. YAY!

Here's a secret snap I took of her when she was trying on outfits in the dressmaker's shop:

Creativity clock: 3h30[e]

*Spookypie Style*
Carpet: snow
Shoes: black wellingtons with while polka dots
Tights: black fishnets of course!
Skirt: velvet and lace

Other news:
The puppet peeped out of my bat-case and watched me.
I didn't shut the lid . . .
Nor did I let him out . . .

Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Monster in Paris

*Happy Times in the Memory Box*
I have just returned from a trip to the cinema with my best friend Fluffball. What an enchanting film 'A Monster in Paris' (directed by Bibo Bergeron) turned out to be. I was so hoping that it would not disappoint. I put on my new satin dress and my lace gloves - I dressed my very best for the occasion. Fluffball and I really enjoyed the film - it had just the right mix of drama, comedy and romance, all wrapped up in a beautiful animation about music and monsters and Paris. How wonderfully lucky to find this film.  

Ah it made me dream of Paris so. The sweeping shot of Paris at dusk reminded me of that wonderful time that I watched the sunset over Paris from the Eiffel Tower with my true love Monsieur Antonio Deelight. I almost shed a tear of happiness.
It was also so lovely to spend time with Fluffball - she is such a great companion for cinema visits.  My heart is a happy butterfly!
The singing voice of the character Francoeur, sung by Sean Lennon, reminded me of a sweetened version of the voice of Martyn Jacques from The Tiger Lillies, it was very distinctive and I am always a sucker for that counter-tenor range beauty. In one of the most magical sequences of the film Lucille and Francoeur were transported by their music and flew through Paris together. I think I must indeed buy myself a pair of Lolita wings - the question is black or white? Now if I had a million shells then I would buy both!
Fluffball and I watched to the very end of the credits and it again reminded me that to create something truly great I need to master the art of collaboration. Hmmm.
Fluffball wondered aloud why people are always in such a hurry to re-join the real world. I do not know - perhaps the world of dreams and imagination and its web of illusion does not hold them in the same way that it grips me.

Other news:
In the evening I was visited by Monsieur Antonio Deelight, The Parsnip King, who shared my pasta:

She's the Pasta Princess,
She's the Pasta Princess,
He wants parsnips!
Don't digress,
She's the Pasta Princess.

On Monday Tortellini
On Tuesday Farfalloni
For Wednesday Lumache
And Thursday Ravioli
On Friday Spaghetti
On Saturday Macaroni
For Sunday Fusilli, Conchiglie, Canneloni!

She's the Pasta Princess,
She's the Pasta Princess,
He wants parsnips!
Don't digress,
She's the Pasta Princess.

Friday, 3 February 2012

My First Polymer Clay Doll

Dear Dr. Deleter,

I do eXiSt!

Daily Report: 03-02-2012

Creative Journal:

I have been greatly inspired by the many beautiful art dolls that I have seen on the internet. In the past I always thought that I would not have the delicacy of style to create these dolls. However, spurred on by my recent success in puppet making, I decided that it was only something that I couldn't do yet! One of the best ways to learn is by doing so here is my first attempt using white Fimo.

The doll pieces after modelling:

I found modelling difficult - I guess that it is something that improves with practise. After roughly an hour and a half or so of sculpting I decided to bake due to time constraints.

My frustrations and difficulties in adding the armature are clearly remembered by the clay - however, these areas will be covered by clothing. This was a first attempt, not an attempt at perfection!

The assembled doll after baking:

She already has character and internal life -  a success :)

Most important to learn: 
- how to keep fluff and fabric fibres off my fingers and out of the clay
- how to build and insert armatures without damaging the sculpting
- how to build limbs that move
- how to stop the clay from cracking during baking - which clay to use?

Also achieved today:
I built a new title section for my blog from photographic layers of shell and lace.
I made new layout and design choices in Blogger.
I put much thought into how best to harness the powers of Blogger; it's function for my artwork and creativity and it's role in my survival.

Note to self:
Standardise labelling, saving, and storing of images.
Transfer from Roxio to Photoshop as, much as I love Roxio, it keeps crashing out on my machine. :(
Creativity Clock: 8h [e]
Polymer Doll 2h 
Journal Design and Content 6h [e]

Cinderella Scores:
Bubble Room *4*
Perfumed Secrets *2*
Loquacious Lounge *2*
Entrancio *4*
Kitchenette *2*
Ballgown Fashionista *4*

Did you visit and care for Madame Adminia?
No - aaaaargh and I know I really should have done.

Did you reduce your Sickening Sprawl and feed the Junk Machine?
No - aaaaargh and I know I really should have done.

Did you spend time with Mama and Papa or Lucille & co?
No, and I really miss them.

Did you spend time with Monsieur Antonio Deelight?
No, and I miss him too.

How is Fluffball?
Generally healthy and happy. A little naughty in the afternoon but well behaved and bouncing around happily by tea-time. I love my Fluffball :)

Experience-ometer Reading : *2*
I made my first polymer clay doll - Anything I put my mind to, I can achieve. Yes, there is much to learn and improve upon but one is more than none!
I tried Chocolate Chilli Cookies - a normal chocolate cookie with a hidden surprise - I liked them - they are very moreish . . .
Other News:
I bought a glue gun . . .

Yours (only until I escape your scrutiny)

Spookypie Strangedoll

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Inspirational Doll Artist: Michele Lynch

I spent my day working at Madame Katerina's Habadashery & Fabric Emporium. Apart from my lunchtime visit from Monsieur Antonio Deelight, (I am so lucky - he visits me EvErY lunchtime), the highlight of my day was a customer who referred to me by lots of lovely names - my favourite being poppet! It made me feel like a little girl again. I liked it very much. Thank you to that kind lady. 

I spent the evening gazing at beautiful art dolls and in particular I was inspired by the Steampunk Souls of Michele Lynch Art which can be found on Etsy: Michele Lynch Art on Etsy
You can read the story of their creation here on Blogger: Michele Lynch Art on Blogger
She has made so many beautiful and  unusual dolls it is difficult to choose a favourite but I am particularly drawn to her conjoined twins as she sets up such interesting relationships between them.

Here are Izzy and Lizzy:

And another beautiful pair Lexi and Maya:

Thank you to Michele for allowing me to use her images and write about her dolls in my journal :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I am in a SULK!

I am sulking, sulking, sulking,
I am sulking,
I am in A SULK!
I am sulking, sulking, sulking,
I am sulking,
I am in A SULK!

I'm SULKING! *CrOsS mY aRmS*
I'm SULKING! *sTaMp My FoOt*
I'm SULKING! *PeTuLaNt PoUt*
I am in a SULK!
I'm SULKING! *CrOsS mY aRmS*
I'm SULKING! *sTaMp My FoOt*
I'm SULKING! *PeTuLaNt PoUt*
I am in a SULK!

Well, Mademoiselle Spookypie Strangedoll it seems clear to me that you have an attitude problem.

Oh yes I DO! And that is why I went to Attitude Clothing for some retail therapy!
So there!!!!! *sTiCk oUt My ToNgUe*