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A Spookypie Doll will be your best friend, they always listen to your worries and they are great at keeping secrets! They are easy to look after, just give them a loving home. Watch out though, because they come alive at night and get up to all kinds of mischief! :) 

Spookypie Dolls are a series of collectable, outsider art rag dolls for spooky display. The dolls are handmade by me; Spookypie Strangedoll. I have been making my Spookypie Dolls since July 2006.
Every doll is one of a kind - meaning that your doll will be the only one like it in the wHoLe WiDe WoRlD!!

If you would like to order a custom Spookypie Doll then please email me at and I will send a copy of the Spookypie Dolls Order Form to you.

I will acknowledge and confirm your order before I start work on your doll. I will do my best to fulfil your order within three weeks. If the doll will take longer then I will let you know before I begin to work on it. On completion of your doll I will list your doll for you on Etsy where you can see photos of your doll before payment. Payment is due via PayPal in GBP. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask.
~*~ Thank you ~*~

Available Options:

Single Face character doll £69.99 (8h work)
*(Included in Spookypie Dolls Club with Custom Doll Membership)*
  The hat and shoes are part of the standard witch outfit.
The broomstick would count as an additional extra.

Dual Face double-sided character doll £99.99 (12h work)
This doll has a friendly 'Bee Mine' side and a grumpy 'Buzz Off' side.

Single Face mini-me doll £99.99 (12h work):
In this photo the doll is shown holding a blank banner.
Banners can be filled with a name or a short message. 

Dual Face double-sided mini-me doll £129.99 (16h work):
One doll with two different character sides. Explore the duality of your own identity!

*(A toy or a pet for your doll is included in Spookypie Dolls Club  with Custom Doll Membership)*
Toys for your doll £8.99 (1h work):
In this photo a miniature doll is shown.

Pets £8.99 (1h work):
In this photo a pet crow is shown.

Additional extras and accessories e.g. broomstick £8.99 (1h work).

 UK Insured Postage: £5.00        World Insured Postage: £10.00
*(Insured postage is included in Spookypie Dolls Club with Custom Doll Membership)*
I am currently charging at a wage rate of £7.50 per hour.
If I charged any less I would not be able to afford to make the dolls.

Each doll has a hand-stitched felt body, stitched features, button eyes and wool hair. The doll is stuffed with toy stuffing and has an internal wire structure which means that the doll is poseable. Each doll is wearing hand-stitched clothes and shoes. The doll's clothes are not removable.

Spookypie Dolls are art dolls for display and are not suitable for young children.
The dolls are about 40cm tall and are very lovable.
Each doll has a Spookypie tag and comes with an official Spookypie adoption certificate.

Each doll comes beautifully packaged in a presentation gift box.
*(Presentation gift box is included in Spookypie Dolls Club with Custom Doll Membership)*

~*~ i LoVe MaKiNg DoLLs! ~*~

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