Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hidden Treasure *3*

Today I was sent by Dr Ambiguit Deleter to visit the phlebotomist for a series of tests - I think that he sent me in order to monitor my volatility levels. Meh!
When I arrived I discovered that the humans in the greetings area were being replaced by a machine which was silently assimilating their jobs as they worked. All this was happening under their very noses and they were assisting it in this task! Sadly they were too stupid to notice. I even pointed out to one of them that the machine would render her useless and unnecessary but she just looked at me blankly - perhaps her brain had already been eliminated.
The nurse called me "angel" which pleased me greatly.
On my way home I saw the swing, I swung on the swing, I thought of the beautiful times in the garden when I used to swing on the swing, I missed Fluffball, I felt guilty that I was not at my desk working, I got off the swing. La, la, la!
I spent the rest of the day working hard on my journal to make sure it was all up to date just in case Dr Ambiguit Deleter decides to pay me a surprise visit.

Today's skirmish with the Sickening Sprawl yielded up this little gem:

I made this lolita cuff for myself during winter 2011 using materials that I came upon whilst working in Madame Katerina's Habadashery & Fabric Emporium. At the time I bought enough ribbons and embellishments to make a whole set of matching accessories. I think that I will work on them again very soon as they match my new outfits perfectly. A portable project which I will finish, Dr. Deleter, oh yes I will!

Creativity clock: 9h
Journal content 9h

Other news:
In the evening Monsieur Antonoi Deelight provided a sumptous feast for Fluffball and I. A pasta first course, of course, was followed by a yummy Key Lime Pie. Over dinner our conversation roved to the subject of the ducks that we had seen walking around on the frozen canal.

*Ducks can walk on water*
*Jesus walked on water*
*Jesus, was a duck!*

Thank goodness that that little mystery has been cleared up! ;)

*Happy times in the Memory Box*
After the feast Fluffball and I walked home in the moonlight through the falling snowflakes. The new-fallen snow was so pretty - sparkling like diamonds, and our footsteps made the most delightful little smunch-crunch noise in the still night air.

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