Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Miss Delilah Bones

Today I finished the second of my Lolita Poppets dolls. I wAnT hEr OuTfIt!! If only it was as quick, easy and cheap to make a dress the same in my size!   

Meet *Miss Delilah Bones* who lives on a pirate ship and is the daughter of Captain Bones:

Here she is gazing out to sea:

I am very pleased with how she has turned out as she is only the second doll that I have made from polymer clay. I am getting a little better at designing and sewing clothes on such a tiny scale. I still need to practise a lot with the glue gun because, at the moment, I am getting glue eVeRyWhErE! I am pleased to report that the technique of using baby wipes on my hands  before handling the clay was largely successful in keeping the clay free from dust and fluff. My doll joints work well (read about their development here and their design here) and in terms of movement this doll is a big step forward from my first doll Chloë. With the next doll I am going to work hard to improve my sculpting skills. I will try to model more dainty hands and feet and put more detail in the face. I am also going to attempt to give the next doll joints at the elbows and knees. Ooooh, I am looking forward to making her already!
In a happy coincidence I have found that my Lolita Poppets are roughly the right height to live in a dolls' house in 1/12 scale. Perhaps Fluffball and I will make our dolls' house for the Lolita Poppets! *Hooray!*

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