Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Monster in Paris

*Happy Times in the Memory Box*
I have just returned from a trip to the cinema with my best friend Fluffball. What an enchanting film 'A Monster in Paris' (directed by Bibo Bergeron) turned out to be. I was so hoping that it would not disappoint. I put on my new satin dress and my lace gloves - I dressed my very best for the occasion. Fluffball and I really enjoyed the film - it had just the right mix of drama, comedy and romance, all wrapped up in a beautiful animation about music and monsters and Paris. How wonderfully lucky to find this film.  

Ah it made me dream of Paris so. The sweeping shot of Paris at dusk reminded me of that wonderful time that I watched the sunset over Paris from the Eiffel Tower with my true love Monsieur Antonio Deelight. I almost shed a tear of happiness.
It was also so lovely to spend time with Fluffball - she is such a great companion for cinema visits.  My heart is a happy butterfly!
The singing voice of the character Francoeur, sung by Sean Lennon, reminded me of a sweetened version of the voice of Martyn Jacques from The Tiger Lillies, it was very distinctive and I am always a sucker for that counter-tenor range beauty. In one of the most magical sequences of the film Lucille and Francoeur were transported by their music and flew through Paris together. I think I must indeed buy myself a pair of Lolita wings - the question is black or white? Now if I had a million shells then I would buy both!
Fluffball and I watched to the very end of the credits and it again reminded me that to create something truly great I need to master the art of collaboration. Hmmm.
Fluffball wondered aloud why people are always in such a hurry to re-join the real world. I do not know - perhaps the world of dreams and imagination and its web of illusion does not hold them in the same way that it grips me.

Other news:
In the evening I was visited by Monsieur Antonio Deelight, The Parsnip King, who shared my pasta:

She's the Pasta Princess,
She's the Pasta Princess,
He wants parsnips!
Don't digress,
She's the Pasta Princess.

On Monday Tortellini
On Tuesday Farfalloni
For Wednesday Lumache
And Thursday Ravioli
On Friday Spaghetti
On Saturday Macaroni
For Sunday Fusilli, Conchiglie, Canneloni!

She's the Pasta Princess,
She's the Pasta Princess,
He wants parsnips!
Don't digress,
She's the Pasta Princess.

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  1. Should you mix Conchiglie with Fusilli,
    It would end up Confusingli... =]