Monday, 6 February 2012

Hidden Treasure *1*

Daily Report: 06-02-2012

I awoke to find that the Sickening Sprawl had spread overnight - or at least while I had been distracted by far more pleasant things during the weekend. Ugh, it had it's tendrils absolutely everywhere - there was no chance of clocking up hours of free-flowing creativity because I had a battle on my hands. There was barely a second to lose, although I did pause for a marmalade interlude. Just to complicate matters it was clear to me that Madame Adminia also needed urgent attention as there had been a small avalanche on the Paper Mountain.

After my sustained battling with the Sickening Sprawl this is what it yielded forth:

I can't tell you when I made it, because I no longer know, it was probably between spring 2009 and winter 2011. I used boiling hot water to soften a food colouring bottle and then squished it up. I painted on the detail using nail varnish, tipp-ex and other such substances. This bottle was intended for a hairclip - it actually still functions as a bottle so, of course, I filled it with a potion. However it doesn't function so well as a hairclip because it turned out to be too deep and too heavy. It makes a great ornament though. 
Will I make more that are more effectively squished? Perhaps.
Will I drink the contents? Maybe . . . and maybe not!

Creativity Clock: 1h 20
Journal Content 1h
Puppet Project 20m

The peach fleece arrived, I arranged a meeting with the clients and now the puppet project waits upon their choice.

Cinderella Scores:
Bubble Room
Perfumed Secrets *3*
Loquacious Lounge *3*
Entrancio *4*
Kitchenette *3*
Ballgown Fashionista *0*
Other News:
Cherry Scream is in a deep slumber and I can't wake her up.

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