Thursday, 2 February 2012

Inspirational Doll Artist: Michele Lynch

I spent my day working at Madame Katerina's Habadashery & Fabric Emporium. Apart from my lunchtime visit from Monsieur Antonio Deelight, (I am so lucky - he visits me EvErY lunchtime), the highlight of my day was a customer who referred to me by lots of lovely names - my favourite being poppet! It made me feel like a little girl again. I liked it very much. Thank you to that kind lady. 

I spent the evening gazing at beautiful art dolls and in particular I was inspired by the Steampunk Souls of Michele Lynch Art which can be found on Etsy: Michele Lynch Art on Etsy
You can read the story of their creation here on Blogger: Michele Lynch Art on Blogger
She has made so many beautiful and  unusual dolls it is difficult to choose a favourite but I am particularly drawn to her conjoined twins as she sets up such interesting relationships between them.

Here are Izzy and Lizzy:

And another beautiful pair Lexi and Maya:

Thank you to Michele for allowing me to use her images and write about her dolls in my journal :)

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