Friday, 3 February 2012

My First Polymer Clay Doll

Dear Dr. Deleter,

I do eXiSt!

Daily Report: 03-02-2012

Creative Journal:

I have been greatly inspired by the many beautiful art dolls that I have seen on the internet. In the past I always thought that I would not have the delicacy of style to create these dolls. However, spurred on by my recent success in puppet making, I decided that it was only something that I couldn't do yet! One of the best ways to learn is by doing so here is my first attempt using white Fimo.

The doll pieces after modelling:

I found modelling difficult - I guess that it is something that improves with practise. After roughly an hour and a half or so of sculpting I decided to bake due to time constraints.

My frustrations and difficulties in adding the armature are clearly remembered by the clay - however, these areas will be covered by clothing. This was a first attempt, not an attempt at perfection!

The assembled doll after baking:

She already has character and internal life -  a success :)

Most important to learn: 
- how to keep fluff and fabric fibres off my fingers and out of the clay
- how to build and insert armatures without damaging the sculpting
- how to build limbs that move
- how to stop the clay from cracking during baking - which clay to use?

Also achieved today:
I built a new title section for my blog from photographic layers of shell and lace.
I made new layout and design choices in Blogger.
I put much thought into how best to harness the powers of Blogger; it's function for my artwork and creativity and it's role in my survival.

Note to self:
Standardise labelling, saving, and storing of images.
Transfer from Roxio to Photoshop as, much as I love Roxio, it keeps crashing out on my machine. :(
Creativity Clock: 8h [e]
Polymer Doll 2h 
Journal Design and Content 6h [e]

Cinderella Scores:
Bubble Room *4*
Perfumed Secrets *2*
Loquacious Lounge *2*
Entrancio *4*
Kitchenette *2*
Ballgown Fashionista *4*

Did you visit and care for Madame Adminia?
No - aaaaargh and I know I really should have done.

Did you reduce your Sickening Sprawl and feed the Junk Machine?
No - aaaaargh and I know I really should have done.

Did you spend time with Mama and Papa or Lucille & co?
No, and I really miss them.

Did you spend time with Monsieur Antonio Deelight?
No, and I miss him too.

How is Fluffball?
Generally healthy and happy. A little naughty in the afternoon but well behaved and bouncing around happily by tea-time. I love my Fluffball :)

Experience-ometer Reading : *2*
I made my first polymer clay doll - Anything I put my mind to, I can achieve. Yes, there is much to learn and improve upon but one is more than none!
I tried Chocolate Chilli Cookies - a normal chocolate cookie with a hidden surprise - I liked them - they are very moreish . . .
Other News:
I bought a glue gun . . .

Yours (only until I escape your scrutiny)

Spookypie Strangedoll

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