Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hidden Treasure *2*

I have been soooo busy finishing all of the journal pages I had dreamt up, that it feels like blogging has taken over my creative life. Brevity may have to be my new strategy!
As I was battling today with the Sickening Sprawl I came across an unfinished project, which is now unfinished no more:

When did I start this tote bag?
I am not entirely sure - the little that I can decipher from notes hidden in the Sickening Sprawl indicate that is was March 2011. It languished incomplete for almost a year but, Dr. Deleter, I finished it ToDaY!

It has a happy side for when I am feeling chirpy and chipper and a grumpy side for when life sucks! It took AgEs to sew on all of those letters so I don't think that it is something that I will be mass-producing. It is just for me!

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