Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Wonders of Plushie Swap!!

Hello all,

Well, some of you may remember my excitement some time ago about the amazing Plushie Swap. Today I woke up feeling really positive after a rockin' band practise last night. :) I went to look at the post on the mat, and I would have to say it was the usual boring rubbish, some junk mail and uninspiring brown letters, but I just had a feeling that maybe, just maybe, I had a parcel too. So I opened the door and Huzzah! Look what I found under the mat:

Woop-de-doo I thought - I wasn't wrong. OK there may be a lot of brown in the normal world, but that bit of brown parcel was something special. I was just bending down to pick it up when I heard an excited scuttling and, before I could get there, my Cuddle Monster Blackie was already there investigating:


So Blackie picked up the parcel and as fast as he could brought it into the house to show some of the other dolls and toys who live with me in the flat. :)
Two of my Spookypie Dolls, Blackie and my little Scribblypop gathered around to look inside:

My little Scribblypop was so excited - she ripped the parcel open and jumped right inside to have a look:

There's something pink with polka dot - oooooooooh what is it????

My Scribblypop peered into the package - and realised - there was something in there with BIG EYES, and it was ALIVE!!!!

Wooh, she jumped out of the packet and ran to snuggle behind Blackie's fur. (Cuddle Monsters may look scary you know, but they are better protection than a dog - oh yeah!!)

What was emerging from the box??

Aha, there's eyes and a nose and some goofy teeth! What is it?

My Spookypie doll got right in there to have a closer look, and to help, because the poor thing was having a bit of a struggle getting out of the box:

It was making some noises - but I don't know what it was saying - it sounded like "mmmmmmfff mmmmmmffff" - probably something to do with being wrapped up in protective plastic. My Spookypie doll could work it out - and she told us all quite confidently that it was saying - "Help! Let me out of here! I've been stuck in this plastic on my journey all the way from America. Phew, I need some clean air!!!!" In no time our new friend was unwrapped and having a chat with Blackie and the dollies:

And my little Scribblypop got over her initial shyness and decided that her new favourite game was riding on the rabbit monster's ears.

After some chit-chat and a nice English cuppa, ha ha no I lie, actually we at Spider Hollow are non-stop coffee drinkers, Dotserina, that is her name, asked please please could she look out of the window and see England. - as she had come such a long way in that cardboard box. Here she is, taking a look out of the window:

But Spookypie, I hear you ask, who made this amazing Dotserina monster rabbit character? Aha! It was the most lovely ERIN BUSCH from erinmakesstuff. She makes lots of amazing monsters and I keep up with her creations on erinmakesstuff facebook page.

Well, I would just like to say THANK YOU ERIN FOR THE AWESOME DOTSERINA!!
My daughter wants her but she is MINE!!!!! Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha! And Dotserina wanted to send you a photo postcard and tell you that she thinks that she will be very happy here living at Spider Hollow in the Spooky Woods. I have included the little card in the photo as it is ERIN'S official description of her monster. I love the way that ERIN has combined knitting and sewing and those goofy teeth that she gives her monsters make them so full of character:

Now, guess what I'm going to do now guys?

Go and sign up for next month's Plushie Swap of course. :)

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  1. <3 Thank you. Glad you loved him! Such a creative post, I'll get a pic of my green cuddle monster up soon on <3 Erin