Friday, 15 April 2011

Cuddle Monsters Caught Noshing MY Biscuits!!!!

WELL, I caught them at it!!!! Oh yes, there I was trying to be very organised and checking in with my new TO DO list which features the Cuddle Monsters, and I caught them - biscuit-mouthed shall we say!! Check out the evidence:

Well, here is the first photo and I don't know what you think but I can quite clearly see biscuit crumbs all down my Cuddle Monster Blackie's fur!! And my daughter's Cuddle Monster also has crumbs on her too!!

If you don't believe me then check out this photo:

Surely that big pile of BiScUiT is evidence that they were snacking out while I was busy working. Hmmmmmmm. What am I to do with these naughty Cuddle Monsters?

No wonder I have problems being organised and getting things done. I am always cleaning up after little monsters - GRRRRRRRR!!!

Well I need to know: What do you guys think I should do with these naughty Cuddle Monsters?

Also what do you think of the DO IT NOW! list? Being a creative person I have such a struggle to keep track of everything. I have so many ideas and not enough time. I also have a tendency to leave those dull jobs to the last minute. Uh-oh! Anyway I am hoping that my new TO DO list will help me to keep track of things. Do you think that it will work?
Do you need one too?
I am going to list one in my Etsy shop tomorrow but now I have to go and clean up all those biscuit crumbs!!!!!!!


  1. So naughty!!!

  2. No, not naughty--that's what good little monsters do! Now if they ate your arm off--that might be naughty!

  3. Yes that is very true. :) I tell you something strange though - I went out of the flats yesterday to go for a bike ride and I found biscuit crumbs all over my arm! I kid you not! When I came back there was a trail of crushed biscuits leading up to the front door! A bit like something out a fairy-tale! I think I must have had a Cuddle Monster sitting in my hood eating biscuits and enjoying a free bike ride!!!