Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Late last night I was taken by one of my creative frenzies and inspired to make the very first Scribblypop! And here she is:

My aim was to design a doll that I could make in 1 hour and I have succeeded in doing that, and what's more she is very cute!! The fact that I can make this doll in 1 hour means that I can price her so that she is affordable for everyone as a pocket-money buy. Even I could afford to buy one! LOL :)

She is just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand. I can imagine Scribblypops making their homes in handbags, on desks, on bookshelves, even in plant pots, and hopefully being loved by little kiddies too because they are small and squidgy!!

My next challenge was to make more Scribblypops and I have been working hard on that today and here they are:

I have lots more ideas for the Scribblypops but seeing as I have now covered the flat in cottons and fabric and ribbons and pins it is probably time for a quick tidy-up before I get creative again!!!

These three Scribblypops are now listed in my Etsy shop. The very first one, however, belongs . . . to me!!!!

Well, do you like the Scribblypops? Let me know. :)


  1. Very Cutsie! I like the star scribblypop best :)

  2. love them, torn between the bottom two! Love your shop too
    Kate x